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This is the newest generation AR-12. Don't miss this awesome deal.

Product Features

  • Model AR12
  • Action Semi Automatic
  • Chamber 3"
  • Gauge 12 GA.
  • Barrel Length 51 CM / 20.07" Inches
  • Total Length 103 CM / 40.55" Inches
  • Magazine Capacity 5+1
  • Weight 3.4 KGS / 7.5 LBS
  • Finish Black Chrome
  • Stock Synthetic
Categories: Semi Auto Shotguns
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Omega
Model: AR12-Tactical
Caliber: 12 GA
SKU: 850002990218
UPC: 850002990218
Vendor: Gunprime
Reviews (16)
By Suzanne on 11/09/21
My gorgeous little meanie

It kicks. But it will defend me. Feel sorry for any threat on the receiving end

By SNAKEDOCTOR on 11/07/21

Right out of the box this 12Gauge finely built tool works flawlessly and the price was too good not to pass up. I took it
to my range and fired off 5 rounds and with the sights installed, all 5 rounds hit the metal targets right in the center where
I was pointing it. Good Pattern too! The Instruction Booklet that came with it was easy for me to figure out but was for several other AR12's.
Just for fun I would like to have a 10 round box magazine. Still have located one yet, but I will. The plastic case was okay, nothing spectacular.
Take down was fairly easy just like my 15's Easy to clean, Single point sling was useful and was a welcome addition if you need one.
I recommend this tool to any first time buyer or a seasoned user. I will come back to for further pieces to add to my Man Cave of Tools.
Thanks again for a QUALITY TOOL FROM TURKEY. Buy it for $200 off regular price now.


By Duck on 07/15/21
Very satisfied

The gun is sweet and performs super well, bought 10 rd mags for it and it shoots as fast as you can pull trigger, smooth and perfect action. Order the gun on a monday and was delivered that wednesday. Definitely will be ordering guns from gunprime again.

By Prince Charlie on 07/13/21

Excellent excellent shotgun! Shoots wonderfully with little recoil. Considering the shotgun, case and all of the accessories I feel like I STOLE this package. Will definitely be buying more from this primo dealer. Peace and God bless 🙏 guys!

By DC-in-WV on 06/11/21
Fantastic setup for the price

Positive: came in hard case with ( 2 ) 5 round mags, barrel wrench, cleaning kit, set of polly pop-up sights and a bottle of oil.
Fit and finish are very good and fore grip is nice. One mag also has a hand hold and rail mount... which I can not see ever using.
As soon as I picked it up from my local FFL, i went through it, disambeling, checking and cleaning. In my opinion I could have fired it as is since it arrived clean and well lubed.
Cons: manual leaves a lot to be desired. There are some instructions but they are not very complete. In one section the exploded picture and the parts list have different numbers. The pictured parts start with #1 and the parts list and the parts list starts in the #80's.
Also there is a section on the "Multi Choke".
My gun appears to have no choke at all and no place to install one on the barrel. THIS SECTION IS VERY CONFUSING since the manual appears to say it is included.

All in all I am impressed with the build quality and attention to detail with the weapon. The manual leaves more questions unanswered than it answers. It always surprises me that foreign manufacturers can turn out great products and fail so miserablely on the communication side.
Come on Omegs Arms, you are turning out a great product, how about a manual to match?????

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By K. Dobbs on 05/07/21
Awesome shotgun

Was looking for a semi-auto shotgun and ran across the Omega AR12 at GUNPRIME. Not only did I get a great shotgun, but I also got a case, cleaning kit, trigger lock, single point release sling, and a couple of mags! The price was unbelievable because I got it all for under $400. This shotgun is excellent and will put some business down range without hiccups. I highly recommend it...

By Omega ar12 on 04/27/21
Not a single parts dealer in the US with a valid phone number

Noticed part number 28 in the manual different choke tubes have tried to find some kind of information so I can get one through five but haven't been able to find a single phone number or contact her manufacturer to locate this information

By JackieB on 01/07/21
Awesome Tactical Shotgun!

Amazing Semi Automatic 12 Gauge Shotgun! Adjustable chock makes precision target acquisition as easy as 1,2,3. Must Watch Video ( 300 hundred rounds and only 3 fail to fire during durability test! gave me 5 Star Customer Service and made sure my order was expedited quickly, and accurately!

By Gordo74 on 12/15/20
Great shotgun

Went and picked this up from local FFL store. Love this firearm. Well built and reliable build. One note, not everything shown in the picture is included. No key ring/safe marker, cleaning kit, hard case or sling. However, two magazines and some plastic pop up sights.

By Ralph on 12/02/20
It is not new

I reached out and got no answer back. Bumper on the shoulder was broken. Was cleaned with an alcohol based product. 5 rnd mag showed use. The cleaning kit that came with it was opened and all around the inside of case. Cleaning fluid sent was opened and leaked into case. Where I picked up at Reload in Tarpon Springs, FL even seen it when they opened it up to show me. Will not buy from Omega again. No customer service and New is not New.

By Juan from Illinois on 11/25/20
Great customer service and timely delivery

Ordered gun on Saturday night and it was to my FFL by thursday. This was also my 1st online firearm purchase and they made everything smooth as can be. They also offered the best price by far, most places online were atleast 50 to 100 dollars more and local dealers 200 more. Would definitely recommend and buy from again.

By Stressfree36 on 11/01/20
Been having a few issues

Was very excited about using the shotgun but having problems with shells jamming and not ejecting properly. I keep hearing there’s a break in period but this is my third week at the range and the problem is still happening

By wil on 10/05/20
Omega AR12

first time shooting the gun the charging handle fell out and was lost, been trying to get in touch with Omega Arms now for a week with no luck. the gun shoots great and no additional issues. customer service seems to suck with Omega Arms.

By Svt330ci on 09/23/20
fast and simple transaction

Only problem i had was the shells got jammed on each other other then that product was awesome on the jamming issue I may cut a few links in the magazine spring to release some tension on the shells seems tight but also may work it self out as it gets used...

By Hollywood56 on 09/14/20
This gun is a blast!

The Omega AR-12 is very well made. The operation is excellent, although there is a break in period of maybe 5 shells, after that it works flawlessly. Recoil is light for a 12 Ga. Feels like i am shooting my AR-15. I would definitely buy it again and would recommend it to all my friends. i only wish there was a second 5 round magazine.

By Neil on 06/19/20
lots of fun

Range day shot 2 boxes operated flawlessly to much fun light recoil

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